Step inside our chic boutique salon

Who are we?

We are "Le Petit Salon".  Our studio made up of five unique, fun, and talented stylists. Each member of our team is an independent stylist running thier own businesses out of Le Petit Salon. This means that they are in control of their own hours, scheduling, services, and pricing.


We would love to meet you.


Click here to be sent to our "Schedule an Appointment" page where you can find links to our instagram pages, online booking for Brittany, and to request an appointment with Diane, Rebecca, Matthew or Laura through text.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

When you arrive to Le Petit Salon for your appointment, prepare to be pampered. After you park, please call or text your stylist to announce your arrival. We will let you know when you can head towards our door and we will open it for you. Upon entering we'll ask you to sanatize your hands and phone. Everyone in our space is required to wear a mask.

Once you get comfortable, I will ask you what you like and dislike about your hair, what you’d like to change about your color, and other questions that will allow her to best serve you. Feel free to pull up some photos to show her some styles and colors you’re loving. 

Once we are on the same page, I'll get to work. While I make hair magic, you can relax—scroll through Instagram, fire off some work emails, or catch me up on your life. I love to hear your stories, and I'll never tell! When I reach for products, I’ll explain what they do and why they work for your hair. I’ll also give you pro tips to achieve a salon-fresh style at home! 

As your first appointment comes to an end, I'll will ask you if you love your hair. Be honest—this is all about you! Plus, it’s typically easier to fix or adjust your hair that day rather than a few days later. Once you book your next appointment, you and your fabulous hair will be good to go! 

26o Arlington St., West Acton, MA